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Running errands is easy with CarShare. Just reserve a car online or by phone and drive where you need.


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Using CarShare is good for your community, your planet, and your wallet.

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I used the car at Lexington and Washington today and everything was great!

Luigi Reggi, Capital CarShare

My first car share ride is going flawlessly!

Elaina Heagerty, Capital CarShare

Thank you for the carshare service. It allowed me to volunteer at the Tompkins County SPCA for the past semester.

Indre Matulaitis, Ithaca CarShare

I find it so affordable and convenient to my house…Besides errands and shopping I have used the cars to go on interviews and to meet friends for dinner.

LaVerne, Buffalo CarShare

The idea of co-operative sharing of cars is a logical extension of the time-tested ‘co-op’ concept that we see in food co-ops, housing co-ops, tool co-ops, agriculture co-ops, and elsewhere.

Stephen Gareau, Buffalo CarShare

CarShare was the perfect alternative for me when I could no longer afford to keep a vehicle of my own. Now I can live locally yet still have access to all the places outside the city I need to get to.

Cherie Hall, Buffalo CarShare