Six Months In, Our Ditch Your Car Contest Winners are Still Loving Carshare!

Daniel and Geri continue to enjoy their ditch your car experiment with Capital Carshare.

The spring and summer weather has seen our winners out and about, walking and biking in addition to using carshare and public transportation.

Daniel puts it best when he says ” I’m starting to feel like a pedestrian, and it’s really cool. It’s kind of  making me fall in love with Albany all over again!”

They’re getting to know their neighborhood businesses better, rediscovering and savoring the buildings and the people of their city, while also helping the environment.

Daniel and Geri agree that carshare has been convenient, easy to use and cars are always available when they need them. It’s better for both of our winners financially over owning cars.

Over all our winners are pleased with the change in lifestyle they have experienced being avid carshare members!