Our CarShare fleet is a diverse group of fuel-efficient vehicles in a variety of colors. We currently have four different model cars and as our membership grows so will our fleet.

Northup  is a yellow 2018 Honda Fit EX. This car has all the bells and whistles, including a backup camera and front wheel drive. With a horse power of 130hp 6600 rpm. EPA Mileage Est. (City/Hwy) is  29/37 mpg you’ll get where you need to go quickly and safely.


Northup is named after Solomon Northup, born in Minerva NY, July 10th 1807. Northup was born a free-man who established a farm in Kingsbury, NY 1832. He was later deceived, kidnapped and sold into slavery. He was an American Abolitionist and the author of the memoir Twelve Years a Slave. After regaining his freedom, he settled with his family in Queensbury, New York.

Mickey is a white 2018 Honda Fit EX. Including a remote start, backup camera and front wheel drive. The Fit is great for getting around town.

Mickey is named after Philip Andre “Mickey” Rourke Jr. He was born on September 16th 1952, in Schenectady, New York. He is an American actor, screenwriter and retired boxer. Mickey has starred as a leading man in action, drama and thriller movies.

We have four Hyundai Accents that are perfect for any driver. With 138 HP the Accents are great for picking up speed while saving fuel (38 MPG). And the safety features on these cars are top of the line: 6 airbags, traction control, and electronic stability-control they’re great for any weather condition. The Hyundais come in blue and green and are named after:

Jack “Legs” Diamond– an American gangster and bootlegger, famously known in Albany, during Prohibition.

Dorothea Polly Noonan– an Albany native and political pioneer of the mid -late 20th century. Polly founded the Democratic Women of the Legislature.

Huybertje Pruyn– daughter of John Lansing Pruyn and wife of Charles Hamlin, Huybertje was an Albanian author and socialite during the turn of the 20th century.

Erastus Corning II– an American politician who served as Albany’s mayor from 1942-1983.

Nipper, the 2011 Toyota Prius, is a classic hybrid and one of our push-to-start vehicles. He’s a great car for city driving achieving up to 51 MPG. You’re guaranteed to have a quiet and comfortable drive in this hatchback. The unique shift features to help with quick maneuvers while the spacious interior makes him perfect for moving anything!

Nipper is named after the iconic dog seen on top of what was formerly the RCA building in downtown Albany.

Andy, the red 2013 Toyota Prius C, is our most fuel-efficient hybrid achieving 53 MPG. He’s perfect for city driving being extremely compact without lacking any interior space. Enjoy a quiet and comfortable ride on your next trip to the laundromat or dinner outing!

Andy is named after Andy Rooney, the journalist and Albany-native, best known for his segment on 60 Minutes.

Nipper White

Harriet, the silver 2013 Toyota Prius, is our second push-to-start hybrid. Achieving up to 48 highway MPG, Harriet’s gear shift features are very similar to her brother Nipper. Her spacious and modern interior is perfect for riding solo or with the family!

Harriet is named after Harriet Myers, born Harriet Johnson in Troy, NY. She and her husband, Stephen, were leaders of the Underground Railroad movement in Albany- opening schools and advocating for expanded voting rights for African Americans.

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Nanette is a 2014 black Kia Soul and the largest vehicle in our fleet! Achieving up 164HP and 31 MPG, some say she’s a wagon while others describe her as a utility vehicle. No matter what, this Kia Soul is a statement model offering a balance of space, design, and contemporary technologies.

Nanette is named after famed Broadway actress and Albany-native Nanette Comstock. During the height of her career she traveled between New York and London, often touring with Charles Dickens. She last appeared on Broadway in 1922.